Monday, May 04, 2009

'I Do Not Recall Playing In The Street With Other Children Nor Laughing Openly'

Ibn al-Jawzi Rahimahullah said:

“Many of the favours bestowed upon me are not due to my own doing; rather they are the Sublimes plan for me, I do not recall myself except with a lofty & strong resolve - even when I was a mere boy of six years and associating with older children. I was bestowed with intellect and I would read profusely as a child. I do not ever recall playing in the street with other children nor laughing openly, when I was approximately 7 years old I would search for the circle of the Muhaddith, and he would relate easy things to me so I would memorise all that I would hear, then go home and write it down.”

Tarikh Ibn Kathir 13/29

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