Friday, April 13, 2007

Ya Allâh...

JazakAllâhu Khayr to the person who passed this on. ..

O Allâh! Have mercy on us when our foreheads begin to sweat (on account of death) and inner cries of pain increase, and our beloveds shed tears over us, and our doctors lose hope.

O Allâh! Have mercy on us when we will be covered with earth and our companions will have wished us farewell and Your gifts will be separated from us and the soul will leave our bodies.

O Allâh! Have mercy on us when our names will be forgotten and our bodies will have disintegrated and our graves will have disappeared and our remembrance will be wrapped up (will be given up).

O Allâh! Have mercy on us when our secrets will be exposed and the thoughts of our minds will be revealed and our Book of Deeds will be opened, and the scale will be established (when our deeds will be weighed).

O Ever Living!
O all Established!
O the Most Beneficent!
O the Most Merciful! With Your
Mercy we seek your help.

Aameen…Allâhumma Aameen..

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