Friday, April 20, 2007

The Characteristics of the Seeker of Happiness...

Ibn al-Qayyim said:

"...The seeker of Allah and the Hereafter - rather, the one who seeks to obtain all knowledge, productiveness, and leadership, such that he is a leader who is taken as an example in all of this - should be brave, bold, in control of his whims, and not under the control of his imagination.

He should be abstinent from everything except that which he is after, passionate about what he has turned his face towards, knowing the path to it, as well as the paths which lead away from it.

He should be bold in his aspiration, firm in his resolve, and not swayed from his goal by the blame of the blamers or the discouragement of the discouragers.

He should generally be tranquil, constantly in thought, and not be moved by the sweetness of a compliment or the pain of criticism.

He should be forthcoming in providing himself with what he needs to help him obtain his goal, and should not be incited by those who oppose him.

His slogan should be patience, and his rest should be his fatigue, and he should love to have the best manners.

He should make the best of his time, not mixing with the people except in a most cautious state, just like a bird that quickly comes down to snatch a morsel from between two people.

He should stand over himself, encouraging himself by way of hope and fear, and should seek to be outstanding amongst his group..."

['al-Fawa'id'; p. 265]

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