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Fal Yaqoolu 3an 7ijaab - Translation of Nasheed by Ahmed Bukhatir

Nasheed - Fal Yaqoolu 3an 7ijaabi
Artist - Ahmed Bukhatir
Album - Fartaqi

This is the english translation of the Nasheed al-7ejâb which is originally in Arabic..

May Allaah swt strengthen all of the Muslimahs worldwide and keep us steadfast upon His Deen - Aameen

Let them say about my Hijâb, I swear I do not care,
Let them say about my Hijâb that it destroys my youth,
Let them increase in their rebuke, For I belong to the Deen
I swear I do not care, For my resolve is as the mountains
Can they really call it beauty; if it is something to be attained so easily?
They attempted to cheat me; so I screamed let me be
My pride will not be defeated I am a symbol of purity...
When I walk, Piety is my illumination, I follow the best of Prophets,
Proud of my purity, I have rejected immorality...
Surely my way O my Sister, is in the example of Sumayyah,
I nurture my soul with the light of the Deen, O Sister our source* is pure,
Our path is the path of chastity So walk upon it without fear,
Our religion is the religion of is not content with vice
O daughter of this Majestic Deen you are of noble descent,
With my Hijaab and with my modesty, I have attained true dignity
And I will continue moving forward, I fear no rebuke.

*Source- Qur'an and Sunnah

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