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عَرَبَاتٌ تَدَفَّقت ****تُشبهُ الهائجَ الخِضَم
Vehicles were overflowing (the roads),
Resembling the violence of the oceans,

وعليها تَكَوَّمَتْ ****زُمَرٌ طَيشُهَا احتَدَم
And on top of them are piled,
groups of restless, excited people.

وعلى كلُ ساعدٍ*** رَايَة زَاحَمَت عَلَم
On every forearm,
there are flags which unite the people.

حُشرَ الناسَ تَحتَها*** اُمَمٌ اُثْرِها اُمَم
The people are drawn under them,
One group following the next...

مَاجَتِ الارضُ بالوُرُو***دِ وَطيشُ الرَخَاء عَم
The land swells with the arrival,
And everyone increases in their excitement..

فتساءلتُ وَالاَسَى ****يُنذَرَ القلبُ وَالالم
So (trying to find out the reason for the excitement) I ask around,
With a sincere heart and sincere feelings,

هَل فلسطينُ حُررت ****وقِطَاف العَناءِ تَم
Has Palestine been freed,
and the harvesting of pain stopped..?

ام بشيشان دُمِّرَت**** قُوَّةَ الُملحِدَ الاذم
Or has Sheeshan overcome,
the power of the evil heretics?

قيل لا بل فريقنا ****فاز في لعبة القدم
It was said, No,
Rather our team has won the football match

اي سخف مدمر**** عن فساد الشعوب نم
Which demolishing stupidity,
from the decay of the (morals of the) people,

والى اي خيبة**** هبطت هذه الامم
And to which failure,
will these groups be destroyed?

انا اقسمت بالذي**** برء الكون من عدم
I swear by the One,
Who is free from the emptiness of the land,

وكسى ثوب عزة ****كل من بالهدى اعتصم
(I swear by the one) who clothed with a garment of ‘izza (dignity/honour),
all those who clung to guidance,

ان قنعنا بسخفنا**** وركنا الى النعم
That if we are heedless of our stupidity,
And we rely upon luxuries,

فخطا الخصم ماضي****ات من القدس للحرم
Then the advance of the adversaries,
will reach from the Quds to the Haram.

عندها يندم الجمي****ع ولا ينفع الندم
With it people will regret,
On a day where regret will have no avail.

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