Friday, December 29, 2006

عيــــــــــــــدكم مبــــــــــــارك

Assalamu 'Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

I learnt something interesting today and as 3eed is practically on our doorstep..(tomorrow InshaAllaah) I thought I would share it with you all..

The word '3eed' is derived from the Arabic word '3awdah' which means to this point you're probably thinking 'eh, whats the connection..?' The reason why it is derived from such a word is because in the Islaamic Year 3eed occurs more than in 3eed ul-Fitr & 3eed ul-Adha..and thus, 'returns'.

SubhanAllaah, were we to even look at this English year...(2006) we would see that 3eed occured three times..3eed ul-Adha first in January, 3eed ul-Fitr in October and again 3eed ul-Adha in December..

So you see the connection..?

Anyway..on the topic of 3eed - something else that I also came across which is worthy of pondering upon is a quote by the Mujahid Sheikh Aboo Yahya al-Libbi...

The Muslims have the right to rejoice on this day. But, O Brothers in Iman, how can we be happy? How can we be joyous? How can we be cheerful? How can happiness possibly enter our hearts when we watch our nation being torn apart by the spears of the Mujrimeen, and being slashed by the swords of the Kafireen, in the East and the West?

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