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Poetry by Khâlid Bin Walîd رضي الله عنه

Poetry by Khâlid Ibn Walîd رضي الله عنه

O my Master! For every blessing I praise You

O Bountiful One! For all you give I thank You

After disbelief and darkness You have favoured us.

Taken us out of Doubts, and Wrong's darkness.

Through Muhammad [SAW] You saved us and removed what is blameable
And made us assisted, guided and honourable,
You have named us the best of all nations,
So fulfil our intentions, Let the disbelievers taste,
Their punishment with all haste!

- Page 63

Who will inform Abû Bakr that we

Are fighting the Roman army

Allâh has prohibited except that I break the Disbelievers

And relieve my spear’s thirst with blood of Roman leaders.

Many victims will I fling to the ground

Many will weep at a friend no longer found

- Page 70

I swear by the Great King that I have taken this banner

And that by carrying it I am the leader,

Because I am the chief of Makhzûm’s son,

And also am amongst Noble Ahmad’s companions

In setting out, It is like a reckless lion that I behave,

O Allâh! It is fighting the Romans that I do crave

- Page 183

Woe to the hordes of Rome on the day of fighting,

Indeed I see war in it blazing,

How many times have they met from us occasions of exhaustion

How many times have I left the Romans in destruction

- Page 244

It must be noted that in translating from Arabic to English the true meaning and essence cannot be completely matched and so sometimes the meaning is lost in translation.

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