Friday, September 01, 2006

Part 9 - From Futuh ash-Sham

Peter expended great effort in fighting the women but achieved nothing except frustration. He saw Khawlah like a fierce lion reciting the following poem

Himyar’s and Tubba’s daughters are we

For us to kill you is quite easy

For we are the flames of war

We have for you great trouble in store

Peter listened to her and said, “O my Arab women, stop this now. I value you and will tell you my heart’s secret which is sure to please you – will it not please you that I be your master considering the fact that I am the object of desire of ever Christian woman. In addition, I have farms, orchards, wealth and cattle and hold a prestigious position with Heraclius. All this will be yours if only you stop destroying yourself with your own hands.”

Khawlah retored, “You wretched unbelieving son of an unchaste adulterer! By Allâh! I will take this peg and gouge your brains out. You are not even worthy of herding my camels and sheep let alone claim to be my equal.” Peter became enraged and said to the Christians, “What greater shame can there be in all Syria and ‘Arabia if a group of women manage to overcome you.
Fear Jesus Christ and Caeser Heraclius and kill them all.”

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