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Part 11 [Final]

When Peter saw the Islâmic army arriving with all its splendour, with their spears all aligned and swords flashing his heart trembled and his shoulders shook. The men were alarmed and looked at each other. Peter said to the women, “Since we also have daughter-in-laws, daughters, mothers, sisters and aunts, my heart has been filled with love and pity for you. For the sake of the Cross I free you. When your men arrive you can tell them this.”

He grabbed his horse’s bridle intending to flee but before the horse could start galloping, he saw two riders coming from the Muslims towards him. One was wearing armour while the other was bare-chested. Riding an ‘Arab horse bare-back and carrying a spear. The first was Khâlid رضي الله عنه , the seond Dirâr رضي الله عنه.

When Khawlah saw her brother, she shouted, “Where were you all this time, my brother? Allâh has made us independent of your help”.

Peter then shouted at her, “Go to your brother even if it will break my heart, but I hand you over to him.”

He then wanted to leave, but she went to him and said, “That you (supposedly) extend your hand in harmony and then we turn away from you is not the way of us ‘Arabs. You are but a slave of your desires and seekers of pleasure”. She then went right in front of him.

Peter: My love for you has left my heart, I do not want to see your face.

Khawlah: O but I cannot ever let go of you

She then rushed towards him, while Khâlid رضي الله عنه and Dirâr رضي الله عنه came to join her, with the whole Muslim army coming in that direction

Peter: O ‘Arab, take your sister. Congratulations, I give her to you

Dirâr: Very well, I accept, but at the moment I have nothing to give in exchange except the point of the spear, So take it

When you are greeted with a greeting, greet back better than that or atleast return it equally. [4:86]

He attacked and struck at his heart while Khawlah struck the horse’s leg. Dizzy, it fell down and Allaah’s enemy was about to fall on the ground when Dirâr stabbed him in the side. The point wriggling from place to place until he fell down on the ground dead. Khâlid رضي الله عنه shouted ‘Congratulation. This is such a spear whose owner is never unsuccessful

Meanwhile the Muslims had surrounded the Romans and killed 3,000

That is pretty much all of what is mentioned about the courageous woman warrior Khawlah in Futuh ush-Shaam; there are other mentions of her but only slight scattered mentions here and there…so this is the last of which I will post in regards to Khawlah from Futuh ush-Shaam.

May Allaah swt grant the Muslim women of today the strength and courage of Khawlah – Aameen

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