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Part 10 - From Futuh ash-Sham

Râfi’ bin ‘Umayrah volunteered and went and returned to report on the women defending themselves.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه: It is amazing! These are the women of the tribes of ‘Amâliqah and Tubba’. Some are of Tubba’ bin Aqran, some of Tubba’ bin Abî Karb, some of Thu Ra’în, some of ‘Abdul Kalâ’ al-Mu’azhzham and some of Tubba’ bin Hassan bin Tubba’. Tubba’ bin Hassân bin Tubba’ was the man who bore witness to Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم being a Prophet before he was born. He said in his poem:

That Ahmad is Allâh’s Messenger is my testification

His Ummah is named in the Psalms as the Best Nation

If I live until his time, Serve him will I

And be minister to the son of his uncle

O Râfi’, these women are known for their fighting. If they are really displaying such feats of bravery which you describe, then they will permanently put their stamp on the ‘Arabs and will remove the brand of weakness from the foreheads of females.

The Muslims’ faces brightened with joy at Râfi’s report on the womens bravery and Dirâr رضي الله عنه leapt with joy. He threw off his old shawl he was wearing and grabbed his spear, intending to be the first to reach them, but Khâlid رضي الله عنه called out, “Wait a while Dirâr, Do not be hasty. He who does a job with patience completes it, while he who hastens hardly achieves more than intentions.”

Dirâr رضي الله عنه; O Commander, How can I be patient in helping my sister?

Khâlid رضي الله عنه: If Allâh wills, help and victory is at hand

He then lined up the horses, raised the flags and going to the centre said, “O Muslims – When you approach the enemy spread out and surround them. Have trust in Allâh that He will free our women and have mercy on our children.”

They cheerfully answered him and so he rode at their head.

The Christians were preoccupied with the women when the army arrived with flags fluttering. Khawlah called out, “O Daughters of Tubba’, Allâh has shown mercy to you and gladdened your hearts.”

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