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Extract From Fee Dhilaal el-Qur'an - Shaheed Sayyed Qutb

.. . يخادعون الله والذين آمنوا

"...they seek to deceive Allah and those who believe..." [al-Baqarah; 9]

وفي هذا النص وأمثاله نقف أمام حقيقة كبيرة ، وأمام تفضل من الله كريم . .. تلك الحقيقة هي التي يؤكدها القرآن دائما ويقررها ، وهي حقيقة الصلة بين الله والمؤمنين . إنه يجعل صفهم صفه ، وأمرهم أمره . وشأنهم شأنه . يضمهم سبحانه إليه ، ويأخذهم في كنفه ، ويجعل عدوهم عدوه ، وما يوجه إليهم من مكر موجها إليه - سبحانه

"In this statement, we find ourselves standing before a mighty reality and bounty from Allah, the Generous. This reality is one that the Qur'an confirms and repeats often, and it is the reality of the connection between Allah and the believers: He makes their ranks His rank, their affair His affair, and their concern His concern. He - the Exalted - ascribes these believers to Him, takes them under His protection, makes their enemy His enemy, and makes whatever evil plots that are thrown at them to be thrown at Him as well - Glorified is He.

وهذا هو التفضل العلوي الكريم . . التفضل الذي يرفع مقام المؤمنين وحقيقتهم إلى هذا المستوى السامق ؛ والذي يوحي بأن حقيقة الإيمان في هذا الوجود هي أكبر وأكرم الحقائق ، والذي يسكب في قلب المؤمن طمأنينة لا حد لها ، وهو يرى الله - جل شأنه - يجعل قضيته هي قضيته ، ومعركته هي معركته ، وعدوه هو عدوه ، ويأخذه في صفة ، ويرفعه إلى جواره الكريم

And this is the mighty and noble bounty; the bounty that raises the rank and status of the believers to such a lofty and towering degree, and reveals that the reality of faith in this life is the mightiest and noblest of realities, and pours into the heart of the believer limitless confidence and reassurance, since he sees Allah - the Exalted - making his affair into His affair, and his fight into His fight, and his enemy into His enemy, and takes him and puts him on His side of the fight, and raises him to be in His Noble Presence.

فماذا يكون العبيد وكيدهم وخداعهم وأذاهم الصغير ؟

After realizing this, what should the believer think of the slaves and their puny plots, deceptions, and attacks, but little?

وهو في ذات الوقت تهديد رعيب للذين يحاولون خداع المؤمنين والمكر بهم ، وإيصال الأذى إليهم . تهديد لهم بأن معركتهم ليست مع المؤمنين وحدهم إنما هي مع الله القوي الجبار القهار . وأنهم إنما يحاربون الله حين يحاربون أولياءه ، وإنما يتصدون لنقمة الله حين يحاولون هذه المحاولة اللئيمة .

At the same time, it is a terrifying threat to those who even think about trying to deceive the believers, plot against them, or harm them. This is a threat to them that their fight is not with the believers alone; rather, it is with Allah - the Mighty, the Compeller, the Subduer - and that they are in reality making war on Allah when they are making war on His allies, and that they are simply exposing themselves to His Wrath every time they make such a wicked attempt.

وهذه الحقيقة من جانبيها جديرة بأن يتدبرها المؤمنون ليطمئنوا ويثبتوا ويمضوا في طريقهم لا يبالون كيد الكائدين ، ولا خداع الخادعين ، ولا أذى الشريرين . ويتدبرها أعداء المؤمنين فيفزعوا ويرتاعوا ويعرفوا من الذي يحاربونه ويتصدون لنقمته حين يتصدون للمؤمنين . .

And the nature of this reality is such that the believers must ponder over it in order to be assured and to increase in firmness and proceed upon their path without caring or worrying about the plots of the plotters, the deceptions of the deceivers, or the harm of the evildoers.Likewise, the enemies of the believers must also ponder over this reality in order to become filled with the appropriate level of terror and distress, and so that they know exactly who it is they are fighting and exactly Whose Wrath they are exposing themselves to when going after the believers."

From Fee Dhilaal el-Qur'an - In the Shade of the Qur'an: by Shaheed Sayyid Qutb

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