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Part 5 - From Futuh ash-Sham

Dirâr’s رضي الله عنه Rescue

Khawlah rode behind the men, who were riding in military formation, until they reached the Salamîyah Road. Râfi’ looked around and could not find any signs of an army having passed by nor any signs of hoof-prints, so he said, “Glad tidings my friends! The enemy have not yet reached here.” He then ordered them to hide in ambush in Wâdi al-Hayyât and while they were waiting they saw a dust-cloud coming. Râfi’ declared, “O young sons of Islâm, be alert.”

The enemy approached with Dirâr رضي الله عنه in their centre reciting this poem

Give this message to Khawlah and my family, O informer –

My hands are tied behind my back – I am a prisoner.

The Syrians surround me, Each a disbeliever

All of them wearing armour.

O heart, Sorrow and regret have made you dead

O tears of my manhood, Down my cheeks you are shed.

Do you know if ever I will see Khawlah and my family too

And remind her of the agreement between us two..?

Khawlah shouted from her hiding place, “Allâh has accepted you Du’â and heard your plea. I am your sister, Khawlah!” She then came charging out shouting, “Allâhu Akbar!” followed by Râfi’ and the rest all shouting “Allâhu Akbar!”

Humayd bin Sâlim narrates:

I was part of that force who, when we started raising our voices with “Allâhu Akbar! Allâhu Akbar!” Allâh inspired our horses to start neighing loudly. Each of us targeted a Roman and in a short while finished them off. Allâh freed Dirâr رضي الله عنه and granted us the Romans’ horses and weapons.

Râfi’ bin Qâdim narrates:

While we were engaging the Romans, Khawlah rescued her brother, untied him and made Salâm. He congratulated and welcomed her and then mounted a horse which was roaming around. He picked up a spear and recited the following poem

O Lord! I thank you for accepting my prayer

You have removed my sorrows, worry and care.

You have fulfilled my desires and united my sister with me

Today my heart will be satisfied against the enemy.

While Râfi’ bin ‘Umayrah was gathering the booty, Khâlid رضي الله عنه scored a resounding victory against the Romans. They began fleeing in such terror and loss of spirit that those in front did not even glance back at those behind them. Râfi’ saw them and understood what was happening. As they came he casually started arresting them one by one.

After Khâlid رضي الله عنه had dispatched Râfi’, he launched an attack in which it seemed as if every Muslim was madly rushing towards Martyrdom. The Romans immediately turned tail and fled, with Warden taking the unchallenged lead. The Muslim pursued them gathering booty, weapons and horses until they met Râfi’ and Dirâr رضي الله عنه at Wâdi al-Hayyât. Khâlid رضي الله عنه congratulated Dirâr رضي الله عنه and thanked and praised Râfi’. Overjoyed, they returned to Damascus, where they informed Abû Ubaydah رضي الله عنه of their victory. The conquest of Damascus was now a certainty.

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