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Part 4 - From Futuh ash-Sham


Khâlid رضي الله عنه intended to launch another attack, but suddenly saw a group of Roman horsemen breaking off from the right-wing. They did not keep hold of their bridles and were coming in a hurry as if they were chasing something. Khâlid رضي الله عنه called the Muslims to arms and they swiftly gathered around them. When the Romans horsemen came near they threw down their arms and came on foot begging for safety. Khâlid رضي الله عنه ordered the Muslims to accept their plea and bring them to him.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه : Who are you?

Romans: We are soldiers of Warden and inhabitants of Hims. We are fully convinced that we can bring no power against you and do not have the strength to defeat you. Grant us, our families and our children protection on the same terms which you have granted other cities. State whatever indemnity you want and our people not oppose your terms.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه : We can only make an agreement once we have reached your city, not here. In the meantime, you will stay with us until Allâh makes a decision between us and the enemy.

He ordered them to be watched over and again spoke to them

Khâlid رضي الله عنه: Do you know anything about our warrior who killed your general’s son?

Romans: Are you asking about that bare-chested man who killed many of our men including the general’s son?

Khâlid رضي الله عنه : Yes, that is him

Romans: After his capture Warden put him on a mule and sent him with 100 horsemen to Hims. From there he will be sent to Heraclius to display his bravery.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه was pleased to hear this and summoned Râfi’ bin ‘Umayrah.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه : Râfi’, you know this regions roads and mountain passes well. Your planning and improvising helped us to easily cross the barren planes of such places as As-Samâwah. That is, when you kept the camels thirsty and then gave them to drink and tied their mouths shut so that you could slaughter ten daily to feed us and give the horses to drink from the water that then came from the bellies of the camels until we reached Arakah. You are thus a very experienced man and a distinguished planner. 100 horsemen are taking Dirâr to Hims. I am appointing you to pick whoever you wish to go with you in pursuit of them. I feel that you will be able to catch up to them soon and rescue him. If you achieve this you will cause great happiness and will solve a great problem.

Râfi’: I readily accept

He selected 100 horsemen and was about to depart when Khawlah found out. A wave of happiness swept her and so she prepared her weapons and went to Khâlid رضي الله عنه saying “For the love of Muhammad send me with them so that I can be of assistance.”

Khâlid رضي الله عنه said to Râfi’, “you are well aware of her bravery, so take her with you.”

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