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Part 3 - From Futuh ash-Sham

Search For Dirâr رضي الله عنه

‘Amir bin at-Tufayl رضي الله عنه narrates:

I was on Khâlid bin al-Walîd’s رضي الله عنه right side and Khawlah was in front of him attacking. All the Muslims followed the attack. Khawlah put them to such difficulty that they started saying to each other, “If all the ‘Arabs are as brave as this one then we will never be able to overcome them.”

When Khâlid رضي الله عنه attacked, the Romans lost their wits and trembled. They were close to being dislodged but Warden started shouting , “My people, be careful and stand firm, If you stand firm, they will flee and the Damascenes will help us. So the Romans started putting up stiff resistance. But when Khâlid and his men attacked, their feet could not remain firm and they scattered in disorder.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه attempted to reach Warden but a group of warriors who circled their leader prevented him. The Muslims also spread out with Muslim and Christian engaged in single combat. Râfi’ bin ‘Umayrah displayed exceptional bravery while Khawlah broke through several ranks to reach the centre striking out in all directions. She was searching for her brother everywhere while loudly reciting this poem:

Where is Dirâr, him I do not see

While he does not see my tribe and family,

O my one and only brother

And son of my own mother,

You have ended my peace of mind

And now sleep I cannot find…

All the Muslims who heard this poem wept.

The battle continued but despite extensive searching, no sign of Dirâr رضي الله عنه was to be found. When the sun set, the two opposing forces returned to their own camps with the scales tipped in the Muslims’ favour and the Romans suffering a heavy toll. The Muslim victory broke the Romans’ hearts and they would have fled had it not been for their fear of Warden. Khawlah questioned each Muslim soldier in the camp about her brothers, but none had seen him – dead or alive. When she had lost all hope, she began to weep bitterly and said, “O son of my mother! If only I had some news of you, even if it that you were left lying in some jungle or slaughtered somewhere. May your sister be sacrificed for you. It is most saddening that I do not even know if we will ever meet. By Allâh! You have left a burning ember in your sister’s heart that will never cool. Now go and meet your father, the slayer of Disbelievers, in the presence of Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. I bid you continuous salâm until Judgement Day."

This mourning reduced the Muslims to tears.

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