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Khawlah - The Mysterious Warrior - From Futuh ash-Sham - Part 1

The Mysterious Warrior

The Sahâbah took Dirâr’s capture very hard and launched a fierce attack to save him but were unsuccessful. They were dislodged and started fleeing when Râfi’ bin ‘Umayrah shouted, “Memorisers and bearers of the Qurân, where are you going? Do you not know that those who flee out of fear of the enemy are showered with Allâh’s anger and with defeat? That most of the gates of Paradise are open for Mujâhidîn and patient ones? O bearers of this Dîn, be patient and attack the worshippers of the cross. Bear in mind that even if your leader has been captured, Allâh is still Ever-Living and watching you and I am present to take the lead in front of you.” The Muslims were galvanised and gathered under his leadership. They launched an attacks in which many men and most of the Roman leaders were killed. When Khâlid رضي الله عنه heard about Dirâr’s رضي الله عنهcapture and the Muslim’s martyrdom he was beside himself with grief and asked, “How many Romans are there?” The informer replied, “12,000”.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه : By Allâh! Had I known that there are so many then I would never have sent my people to destruction…who is their general?

Informer: Warden, governor of Hims, Dirâr killed his son, Hamran.

Khâlid رضي الله عنه: There is no ability to avoid evil and no power to do good except with Allâh’s help, the Most High, the Most Mighty.

Then he sent a messenger to seek Abû `Ubaydah’s رضي الله عنهopinion. His reply was, “Place a reliable man in charge of some men to continue the siege of the Eastern Gate while you yourself lead the attack on the enemy. I am confident that you will grind them like a mill in no time at all.”

Upon receiving this message Khâlid رضي الله عنه said, “By Allâh! I am not of those who are miserly in spending their lives in the Path of Allâh.”

He then said to Maysarah bin Masruq al-‘Absi, “I am leaving you in charge of 1,000 horsemen. Do not leave your position but make Du’â and place your trust in Allâh.”

Maysarah bin Masruq al-‘Absî: I accept wholeheartedly.

Khâlid رضي الله عنهthen addressed the army, “Let go of the horses’ bridles and hold your spears firmly instead. When we are close to the enemy, and then attack altogether. Perhaps we will rescue Dirâr if he is still alive or else if they have martyred him, we will certainly avenge him if Allâh wills. I hope that Allâh will not cause us grief with regard to Dirâr.”

So saying, he rode ahead of his men reciting this war-poem..

Today the truthful one will attain his goal
He is not afraid when death snatches his soul,
My spear’s thirst quench will I
With blood flowing from the eye

I will pierce both shield and helmet
And get that which yesterday the predecessors did get

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